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5 Reasons to Join Veganuary!

Ever heard the term Veganuary and wondered what that might mean? It means that millions of people are making a one-month commitment to be vegan, or at least adopt more vegan ways. It is the perfect way to kick of 2020, here are five reasons why:

  1.  Your Health: January 1st marks the start of a new year, and many of us start the year with health and wellness goals. Veganism is undeniably beneficial to your overall health, making Veganuary a great idea to start the new year! We challenge you to try a healthy vegan diet for one month. You will find that you have more energy for your daily activities.
  2. New Discoveries: Changing habits is not always easy, but if you’ve committed, some habits must go! However, freeing yourself of your old ways poems the door to new discoveries. Veganism is not only about the food you eat. It is about your entire lifestyle. The products you use, the clothes you wear, and the choices you make. Making choices through the eyes of a vegan will shed new light on products and foods you may have loved in the past. It will also lead you to a host of new and exciting items that are cruelty-free and good for you! So have fun, do your research, and try out new things!
  3. Self Discipline: It is only one month, but that month can start to feel long. This is a great time to talk to yourself about the importance of self disipline, about setting, and achieving goals. Veganism will only ake you and your life a healthier one, who knows what you will do next! If you can discipline yourself to stick to your commitment, the world is your oyster. We hope that you take this challenge and adopt a healthier way of being, not only for one month but for a lifetime.  
  4. To Give Back: Even a commitment of a cruelty-free month gives back to the environment and the animals who inhabit it. Each person who chooses to participate in Veganuary is making a point to the meat, dairy, and animal by-product industries. Each person who makes this commitment is also learning about a cruelty-free way of being. With this knowledge, many will make changes, some small and some significant. Every little bit helps make the world a better place. Make the month commitment and give back to the world around you.
  5. Forever Changed: The most exciting thing about trying something new is that it changes you. After the month, you will not only feel and look better; you will be better equipped to make changes that last forever. If you take the time to learn about veganism and why people choose this lifestyle, you are bound to adopt some of these ways and make them a permanent change. If you are looking for advice on foods, products, and other items, feel free to email Ryan at veganfitguru@gmail.com

Happy Veganuary!

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