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The 48 Hour Pre-Summer Smoothie Challenge You Need!

Life gets busy quickly and all too often nutrition takes a back seat.  This can leave you feeling exhausted which makes the busy lifestyle even more of a challenge.  In your quest for energy, make sure you are choosing the right foods that will make you feel better for a long period of time.  Vegan Fitness Guru is offering a FREE 48-hour smoothie challenge that will leave you feeling revived in just 2 short days.  The green smoothies are not a total meal replacement. The idea is to consume green smoothies as much as you want over a 48-hour time period. The best way to start is by swapping out one of your meals for a green smoothie. Breakfast is usually a great place to start.

Those who have taken the Green Smoothie Challenge have experienced regulated weight, increased energy, weight loss, reduced cravings, and the overall ability to add these nutritious beverages into their meal planning!  You will receive a variety of delicious recipes that will inspire you to keep green smoothies in your everyday life.


During the Green Smoothie Challenge you will be working up to consuming 4 glasses (1 Liter) per day. The recipes are a mixture of 60% organic fruit and 40% organic leafy greens with 2 cups of filtered water.
Think of the 48-hour GSC as a way to clean house. During the 48 hour time period your body will be working hard to clean out some of the toxic waste that has accumulated over the years. For that reason we suggest avoiding stimulants like coffee, wine and sugar during the 48-hour GSC period.
It’s also best to enjoy the smoothies just as the recipes suggest – there is no need to replace the water with juice, milk, soymilk or almond milk. Avoid adding protein powder, additional greens supplements or other types of ‘health’ foods or superfoods.
To get the full health benefit of the green smoothies you want to make them in a blender that liquefies all of the ingredients. It’s not necessary to have a juicer, we are making smoothies, not juicing. Any commercial blender is adequate.
We also suggest that you purchase 4 – 6 500mL (1 pint) glass jars to hold your smoothies. It’s always best to make them fresh. Sometimes that isn’t an option so you can make a smoothie ahead of time and carry it with you in your glass jar. Green smoothies can last up to 48 hours as long as you store then in the fridge or on ice.
The recipes we provide are only guidelines. You can always swap out the fruits or greens for your favorite ones. If you have type II Diabetes, hypoglycemia or are sensitive to blood sugar swings please choose low glycemic fruits. –VeganFitness.Guru

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