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The Ultimate Cookout Guide: Vegan Style

The more knowledge you gain, the more and more obvious the truth becomes.  That truth being that a vegan way of life is better for you and for the planet.  However, being a vegan can feel  a bit daunting in social settings…especially the summer BBQ!  Your lifestyle choices should not inhibit your social life.  Therefore, VeganFitness.Guru has created a guide to help you navigate the carnivorous waters of a summer cookout.

  1.  Be Prepared:

This is the single most important thing you can do to ensure that you leave with a full belly.  Never show up to one of these events unprepared, you will leave with a rumbling tummy.  Some ways to prepare ahead include:

  • Shop ahead for vegan burgers.  Here is one to try:

  • or other vegan grilling options such as these:

Vegan Jackfruit Pulled ‘Pork’ Sandwiches recipe from Rootiful

BBQ Charred Vegan Hot Dog recipe from Healthy Happy Life

Vegan Barbecue ‘Ribs’ recipe from Baked-In

2.  Know Your Goals:

VeganFitness.Guru is not only dedicated to a vegan way of life, but also a healthy lifestyle.  When you go to a cookout, there may be many options that are considered “vegan”…however, they will thwart your health and fitness goals.  We are talking about the bowls of chips, the white bread and the like…not exactly on your health and wellness plan.  If you are prepared as mentioned in tip #1, you should be able to enjoy yourself at a cookout without completely derailing your personal goals.  Which leads to tip #3:

3.  Offer to Bring Something:

It is customary to offer to bring a dish to most events and in this case…it is a must.  Offer to bring a dish that suits a healthy vegan lifestyle.  This guarantees that you will have something to eat and also allows the opportunity to introduce others to the delicious ways of a vegan.  In need of an idea?  Check out the list below:

4.  Don’t Hate the Haters:

Often people have a hard time understanding something new and different.  You should prepare yourself for snarky comments and/or a host of questions.   The most important thing you can remember is who you are and why you do what you do.  That being said, stay true to your personal goal and respond with kindness (and perhaps a bit of education if possible)…you can even offer a sample of the delicious dish you brought with you.

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